About Us

Twenty years ago, Ken and Kimm Schick had a dream. They dreamed of starting a winery in the quiet hills of upstate New York to escape the noise, traffic, and development that were destroying their rural New Jersey home.

Ken & Kimm Schick

In 2001, the couple bought a 200-acre dairy farm in Fultonville — not too far from the famous New York Finger Lakes wine-making region — and planted over a thousand young grape vines by hand.

Hummingbird Hills’ young vines.

Once the vines were in, Hummingbird Hills Winery was born. Today, they lovingly tend to 22,000 vines spread over 26 acres.

It took seven years for the young vines to produce enough grapes, and the first vintage was a success. Ken followed in the footsteps of his German ancestors, who had a knack for wine and spirit making. By the end of the 2010 season, Ken and Kimm received approval from the State of New York and Hummingbird Hills Winery became official.

Today, Ken and Kimm continue to craft a line of unique grape and fruit wines. Their winery is the first active winery in Montgomery County and they continue to produce a variety of wines using their own grapes and locally sourced fruits. Together, they focus their efforts on the taste and quality of the wine — keeping the process as natural as possible.

Hummingbird Hills Winery invites wine lovers to stop in every weekend for a taste of the most unique wines in the region. On the path of one of New York’s many wine trails, the winery continues to flourish and produce a line of wines that truly provide an “Escape from the Normal.”

A Double Rainbow Over the Winery