Act Your Age!

Wine making has a long and storied history. Humans have been using fruits, rice, and honey to make various types of wine for about the past 9,000 years. A complex chemical process, wine making demands a balanced approach of an artisanal palate combined with a scientific mind. Since wine making began, people have been tinkering with production, transport, and storage of wine.

Today, we find wine everywhere, from local convenience stores to the most revered collections and cellars. Like its human makers, wine has evolved – and most of it from red grapes. Some studies have shown that grapes, whether white or red, contain red grape DNA…indicating that in the proverbial question of “Which Came First?” the answer is a red grape. The Muscat is believed to be the oldest grape variety on record.

At our own winery, we treat every vintage individually and ferment both our grape and our specialty wines with care and attention to flavor, clarity, and alcohol content. When it comes to acting our age, we enjoy our wine responsibly. We invite you to stop by the winery for a tasting and to experience the subtle differences among our growing list of wines!